pbs Digest, Vol 51, Issue 16

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sat, 14 Apr 2007 08:48:26 PDT
Hi Gang,

Please help me with an ID.  I suppose it is a rainlily, it is growing in a 
collection of pots that should be rainlilies from seeds.

LINK:  Unknown Yellow Flower, Image 1

LINK:  Unknown Yellow Flower, Image 2


Conroe TX--The florists's amaryllis flowers are in full bloom.  I do love 
crinums, but amaryllis hybrids sure have substance.  Some heavy rains have 
failed to damage petals on many of the flowers.  And the gaudy reds and 
pinks are amazing.  Too bad my Hippeastrum hybrids don't rebloom the way 
Crinum do.  One C. bulbispermum plant started a whle ago and is putting up 
yet another scape (No. 4).  Some crinums can bloom till June or early July 
and then bloom again in fall.  Of course there are the Amarcrinum, so 
durable, fragrant, and happy to bloom in July and August, or fall.

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