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I raised this a while ago (on this forum I think !) and from memory of what
the experts said then I would just suggest that you cannot necessarily
assign a subspecies for all species that have them - assignment of
subspecies means that significant field work has been done and the existence
of sub-species demonstrated - it does not necessarily mean the species has
been studied in the field in all its habitats so all possible sub-species
may not have been identified and, more importantly, a particular sample of
unknown provenance may not conform to any known subspecies description. 

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Despite Jim's wonderful explanation there is a shorter answer:

If a species has subspecies, they can ALL be referred to by the specific

BUT the more preferrable alternative, especially for people like us, is to
name each to subspecific level--it's a further level of accuracy.

If using subspecies, then ALL should be named to that level, or you won't
know what you've got...


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