BX directions or address?

Dell Sherk dells@voicenet.com
Wed, 25 Apr 2007 04:07:06 PDT
Dear Dennis, Susan, and all,

	"BX" stands for "bulb exchange," but we distribute seeds, corms,
rhizomes, bulbils etc. as well, and do not limit ourselves to geophytes. If
you have materials (such as passiflora) that grow in your gardens and you
think that others in the PBS might like to try them, by all means, send them
to us for distribution. If you have doubts about their suitability, email me
and ask. I am not the Great Arbiter, but I do have some idea about what
members like. Also, if you have been looking for a particular plant, post a
note on the discussion forum and see if anyone has it to donate or trade.
(Please do not post commercial advertisements.) 
	As Lee said, there must be someone out there who is growing rare and
unusual plants that many of us have been looking for. For instance,years
ago, someone donated seed of Hippeastrum angustifolium to one of the seed
exchanges. Alas, it has never been heard of since, and it is one of the
rarer and more gorgeous Hipp species. I know that a number of us would love
to try our hands at growing this beauty.
	If you would like to donate seeds or bulbs/corms to the PBS,(Members
will receive credit on the BX for the cost of postage for their donations.)
please send CLEAN, clearly labeled material to:

Dell Sherk
6832 Phillips Mill Rd.
New Hope, PA, 18938

Go team PBS! Rah, rah, rah!


Dell Sherk, Director, PBS BX

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Could someone please post the address for the BX ?  Do I send them directly
to Dell or do they get sent somewhere else?  I have some wild-collected
Manfreda seeds from Mexico that I would like to donate.
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