Graham Rice
Sat, 07 Apr 2007 06:45:29 PDT
subsp. albispathum

Peter Boyce, again, from his key to subspecies of A. italicum:
"Leaves always plain deep green, never marked in any way; spathe 
almost white; spadix-appendix pale yellow."

Graham Rice

>  Mary Sue wrote "What about the subspecies pictured by Arnold, 
>albispathum ? It is
>still listed by Kew. How is it different?"
>I think I previously commented on the difference that I saw between 
>the Arum italicum and Arum Italicum 'albispathum'
>If you look closely at the images on the Arum page on the Wiki Wiki 
>you will see that the peduncle below the spadex is dark purple on 
>the Arum italicum (Angelo's image)  while the peduncle on the 
>'albispathum' is clearly light colored.
>Not sure if this qualifies as the 'albispathum' in the name but 
>surely a difference between the two plants.
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