Anouncing the North American Clivia Society show and sale

Thu, 19 Apr 2007 08:48:45 PDT
Hello, my emails are not coming thru again, please help, my carrier promises all the problems are fixed (I am looking for a new carrier!)
I am setting up an international website for clivia.  Joining together, means heaps of cost savings, and within 6 months people will be able to list items for sale (if they wish)
Anyhow, fellow members are welcome to put their home page/ or a page about themselves, what they wish to trade, breed, climate, problems, email, and a picture of themselves would be really nice.
All for free for  a minimum of 6 months, then we will just see how it develops from there!  I don't care if they have 100s to sell or 1 to sell, or just want to swap.
my email (if it is still working!)
angela offer
Just send your page, or whatever you want listed on the site, no obligations, for free - from a fellow clivia addict!

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