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Mon, 30 Apr 2007 11:55:12 PDT
Dear Friends;
	No one has yet mentioned the importance of substrate. I can 
grow these with minimal winter protection in 1/2 pure silica sand and 
1/2 milled sphagnum with the pot sitting in distilled water. Sounds 
tricky, but they grow fine.

	And must mention that there is an assortment of interesting 
cultivars. The most exciting in 'Akai Ryu' or Red Dragon. Instead of 
a reddish center to just the trap, almost the entire plant is deep 
red in full sun.

	The cv. 'Dente' With has extra large 'teeth'.

	And there's more - for example :


	I think you could recognize around 10 distinct cvs.

	An obsession for every plant - eh?		Jim W.

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