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Lee  Poulsen asked about Dionaea muscipula. 

Yes, it's easily grown in wet,  acidic sand in full sunlight. The more sun
the better. It's winter hardy  here in Maryland, but not at all competitive.
So be careful what you plant  near it. Mine were soon overwhelmed by sphagnum

I am responding to the above discussion on Venus Fly Traps - I have seen  
them growing wild in the Appalachicola State Forest here in FL and they prefer  
open sunny locations with moist acidic soils, not too different than where you  
would find pitcher plants.  They die back during the winter months and come  
back up in the spring.  I don't know if they need a winter dormancy, like  our 
pitcher plants seem to need in order to thrive long term or how much cold  
they can handle - but we get some solid freezes each winter that far  north.
Craig Huegel, Zone 9 (the new 10), west-central  FL

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