Finally, perhaps, on arums

Agoston Janos
Wed, 11 Apr 2007 03:42:25 PDT
Oh, boy.

They have got some (nearly all) nice specimen. Fortunately they are in the US, and they ship with pot... :(

It is just not fair!
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  Graham Rice's perhaps in the header was, perhaps, wise...

  I have been interested to find that a clone of arum italicum is under 
  circulation as Grimshaw's Form, and to clarify its story have corresponded 
  with Ellen Hornig of Seneca Hills Perennials who has been selling it…. It seems that I 
  sent it to her as 'dwarf form', which it isn't for her, although I think the 
  original clump is relatively short in stature. Anyway, it has done well with 
  her, increased in stature and she rates it better than 'White Winter'.

  The appellation Grimshaw's Form was never intended to be a cultivar name, 
  and would be illegitimate in that format, as the word form may not appear in 
  a cultivar name. Such temporary names are always dangerous, as they have a 
  habit of sticking, and when some nomenclatural pedant comes along and says 
  it is an illegit name everybody is displeased. My view is that if a plant is 
  worth selling it is worth naming - both aspects needing long hard thought. I 
  have therefore agreed with Ellen that it should be named 'Belldene', the 
  name of my parents' house where the original grows, so please adjust labels 

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  > I've just been out to look at the foliage of the various forms of A.
  > italicum to see how they've stood up to the rigours of the winter and
  > "spring" - so far, the one in the best condition is: Grimshaw's form!
  > Graham Rice
  > Milford, PA
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