New member with question about variegated Iris cristata

Karen E Welty-wolf
Sun, 08 Apr 2007 13:14:25 PDT
Hello, I'm new to posting here, although I've been reading the archives for
reference off and on for a while. I live in Durham, zone 7a in the Piedmont
area of North Carolina, where gardening involves lots of red clay. My
gardening interests are pretty varied, but I've had some small successes
with bulbs in the past year that have me wanting the learn more. Now I've
got a question about Iris cristata that I'm hoping someone can help me
with. The new growth on my I. cristata 'Alba' this year includes a small
patch with variegated foliage. It looks somewhat similar to the variegation
on Iris tectorum 'Variegata'. There are several new rhizomes that have the
variegation, all tracing back to a single point on the main plant. What's
the biology behind this, and is it likely to be a stable pattern? I've
never heard of a variegated form of I. cristata although I've searched the
internet and the archives here. It wouldn't be the first time I've seen
something really cool develop in my own back yard, but my daughter is
starting to wonder about my gardening methods.   Thanks, Karen W

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