Skunk Cabbages again

Tony Avent
Thu, 05 Apr 2007 05:21:41 PDT

We did indeed house Darrell's variegated skunk cabbage for several 
years, but have long since returned it to him.  It is a stunning plant 
and I can only hope it's still growing well.   We had hoped that it 
would multiply enough for tissue culture, but the plant never produced 
an offset while it was in our care.

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Roy Herold wrote:
> Darrell "Mr Epimedium" Probst found a variegated skunk cabbage in the 
> woods of Pennsylvania a number of years (6 to 8?) ago. It was similar to 
> the one described, with a wide gold band, and was definitely reminiscent 
> of a hosta. He said it was visible from the road, and he had driven by 
> it a number of times before spotting it.
> The last I heard it had been shipped to a nursery in North Carolina, 
> never to be seen again....
> --Roy
> NW of Boston
> Global cooling update: an inch or two of wet snow fell on the 
> Symplocarpus blooms this afternoon...
> aaron floden wrote:
>>  The forma variegata is pictured in the Variegated
>> Plants Vol.1 carried by Yinger at Asiatica.
>>  It has a wide gold margin and looks very Hosta-like.
>> Probably available at high prices in Japan.
>>  Aaron Floden
>>  Kansas
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