Allium haematochiton

Mary Sue Ittner
Fri, 20 Apr 2007 07:27:19 PDT
Jim McKenny wrote:
>I thought Allium haematochiton would be the first Allium to bloom this 
>year; it's been in advanced bud for weeks. What's it waiting for?

Jim's question brings to my mind that when this Allium blooms is very 
variable. I wonder what the triggers are. Looking at my records it has 
started blooming as early as December some years. One of mine started 
blooming in February and the other in March this year. Allium hyalinum is 
another early bloomer. I find Allium haematochiton quite fascinating since 
it does not grow in an area with high rainfall and that rainfall is limited 
to just a few months, but if watered it can remain almost evergreen in a 
pot. But it also copes with drying out.

Mary Sue 

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