Hippeastrum species - low temperatures

Warren Glover extropian@optusnet.com.au
Mon, 30 Apr 2007 17:44:16 PDT
Hi Steve,
              These days temps never approach freezing point so I can't 
offer any useful advice here except to say that desert/arid growing sp. Hips 
must suffer near freezing temps at night.
              I wonder if you have any Hip.sp. seed available that I could 
buy. Q charges are prohibitive so bulbs are out for me.

Warren Glover
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> It has been a really peculiar weather year.  I had many bulbs flower
> with little or no stem.  I have had this happen before, occasionally,
> but perhaps half a dozen or more individual plants bloomed that way this
> year, some of which had bloomed normally before.  I'm still not sure I
> know the mechanism, but somebody has hinted at the difference between
> daytime and nighttime temperatures.  Any other thoughts?
> I am wanting to get some of the bulb pots moved out of the greenhouse,
> but the weather still is too hot inside some days and too cold(?)
> outside some days.  Does anyone have experience with Hippeastrum species
> and minimum night temperatures?  I have always used 50 F as a nominal
> minimum. Anybody have experience with, say, 45? or 40?
> I will be repotting over the next month or so, and catching up with the
> bulb or two that I owe people from last year's trades.  Our PBS list
> owners have asked that I not post here when bulbs become available for
> sale or trade.  So, if you are interested in species Hippeastrum bulbs
> for trade or purchase, you should send me an e-mail address, and I'll
> try to compose a list to which I send when things become available.
> Good greening, no creamy buff yellow in the wrong place and wrong time.
> Steve Putman
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