Imidacloprid and the Vanishing Bees

Wed, 25 Apr 2007 23:29:23 PDT
Hello everyone, I use imidacloprid regularly, but only spray late in the 
evening and never spray on the flowers the bees are using.
 we have four thriving bee hives, all on 1 acre of land.  the bees are more 
than happy, and producing mountains of honey.
However, with overhead indiscriminate spraying, yes of course the bees won't 
be happy
from OZ
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> There is a good article in yesterday's New York Times about the scary
> bee colony collapse disorder that is happening not only in the U.S.,
> but in parts of Europe and Central and South America. It discusses
> several of the suspicions including neonicotinoids such as
> Imidacloprid, which has been mentioned in posts here (and I have used
> myself).
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