Herbertia lahue, cows, cameras, blue fuzzy bits

Joe Shaw jshaw@opuntiads.com
Sun, 22 Apr 2007 06:45:34 PDT
Hi Gang,

Two years ago I planned to dig plants of Herbertia lahue that were in the 
path of a planned construction project.  I finally drove out to the area 
this weekend to check on the population and those plants are long gone. 
But it was a great day for Herbertia, and the flowers were in bloom 
everywhere in Austin, Colorado, and Fayette Counties.  Likely, these blue 
beauties are in high  flower from central Texas to New Orleans this week.

In shady situations the flowers are held 8-10 inches high, but are typically 
3-6 high.  The plants can be found in great colonies, sometimes half a mile 
in scope, or sometimes the plants are found singly.  Maybe the single plants 
are not really singles because, if they are out of flower, it is difficult 
to locate plants among the other forbs.  The foliage is grass-like.

The photo opportunities were numerous and engaging.  Too bad my little 
camera doesn't capture broad vistas well.  The uncountable numbers of 
flowers become pale-blue, fuzzy bits in some images.

Enjoy the photos but good luck with the phylogeny of this Texas and 
Louisiana species.  The taxonomy is confused, but even identifying currently 
valid name will not solve the biological questions suggested by the 
literature on this genus.

LINK 1:  photo, H. lahue photo, close-up Colorado County, TX


LINK 2:  photo, H. lahue pasture (steer is in focus, the thousands of 
Herbertia flowers comprise the fuzzy blue dots)


LINK 3:  photo, H. lahue lawn (imagine having this lawn in front of your 


LINK 4:  photo, H. lahue mini-colony


LINK 5:  info, H. lahue in Flora of North America




Conroe TX
Pleasantly warm for a few days now, recent rains have fueled large flower 
displays in the countryside

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