Moraea sisyrinchium, was Iris (Gynandriris) sisyrinchium et al.

Mary Sue Ittner
Tue, 24 Apr 2007 07:02:01 PDT
Dear Jim,

As we continue to discuss on this list the frustration with frequent name 
changes and our inability to know what we are talking about since different 
names are used, your post arrives entitled Iris sisyrinchium with a nod to 

Here is a case where the "accepted" name of  Moraea sisyrinchium would 
alert you to the possibility that the flowers could be fugacious (fleeting, 
brief) since many Moraea species are definitely for the retired or people 
who work nights. This species is very pretty if it happens to bloom when 
you are experiencing dry warm weather, but it still usually only opens in 
the afternoon and is gone by dark. And I think if the bud is set to unfurl 
that day and the weather isn't to its liking I don't think it opens at all. 
I can't swear by this, but the next day the flower bud seems to be gone. In 
the morning when you see the bud you have to remember to look later or you 
will miss it. It does however send up quite a few flowers over the course 
of its blooming period. Some years I have a nice display. It all depends on 
the weather. A number of years ago my friend Jana shared with me offsets of 
ones she had gotten from Fausto that bloom later and they have worked a 
little better for me most years as it is usually warmer and drier during 
the time they bloom.…

Herbertia lahue discussed recently is another one with flowers blooming 
over a long time, but lasting only part of a day for me.

Mary Sue

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