Jane McGary janemcgary@earthlink.net
Thu, 12 Apr 2007 16:03:32 PDT
The only Ipheion that has survived in the open garden here in cold, wet 
western Oregon is 'Alberto Castillo'. I have the real thing, with 
provenience -- just two gardens away from Alberto himself.

I don't care for 'Wisley Blue' and 'Rolf Fiedler' but I like 'Froyle Mill' 
(purchased from Avon Bulbs in England) well enough in the frame, where I 
pay attention to watering it in summer. It dies when I put it in the garden.

Near it are two other color forms. 'Charlotte Bishop' is pink, but 
unfortunately, it's the usual muddy pink seen in pink forms of normally 
blue flowers. It is vigorous and free-flowering.

The other is 'Jessie', given to me by Wim de Goede, who got it from the 
originator, Tony Hall of Kew. It is quite different, being smaller than any 
of the others (stems only about 3 inches high), and the flowers (smaller 
than those of I. uniflorum) are nearly true dark blue. It has increased 
well in 3 years from a small single bulb, filling a 6-inch pot. I think I 
can't sell it, since it is under "grower's rights', but I see it's on Jan 
Dix's wholesale list this year, so it may appear in North America sometime 
soon. I may try a little in the rock garden next year.

Jane McGary
NOrthwestern Oregon, USA

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