Ipheion sellowiana

DaveKarn@aol.com DaveKarn@aol.com
Fri, 13 Apr 2007 13:21:27 PDT
I have the tetramerous form of the bright yellow "Beauverdia 
sellowiana", aka "Ipheion sellowianum", now considered (iirc) 
Nothoscordum sellowianum. 
Rodger ~
This is what I have always had for B/I/N sellowiana.  Am I to assume there is 
another form with six tepals, rather than eight?
For me, this one seems to grow well on neglect!  I grow many things in one 
gallon black plastic nursery "cans" that are submerged to their rims in the 
indigenous soil, often more for convenience than anything else (one never seems to 
able to make  enough time for everything!!).  In general, this pot planting 
(because most of it consists of daffodils/seed/seedlings) is kept dry through 
our warm, dry summers where several days of 90+ temperatures are common anytime 
from early June onward.  I do recall reading somewhere that this didn't like 
to totally dry out during its dormant period, so I remember to give it some 
water from time to time during the summer.  Incidentally, the pots are in full 
sun, not protected in any manner and have endured temperatures that probably 
remained below freezing for 24 hours, usually after having had to endure nights 
where the temps have dropped into the single digits Fahrenheit.  Hasn't fazed 
any of this stuff, although your comments re:  winter cold/warm dormancy are 
intriguing.  I don't recall (because I've really paid little attention to the 
pot) if it has leaves in late Fall (that remain over Winter when I'm not here) 
but, each Spring, the pot always has a number of bright yellow blossoms that 
go on for some time in flush after flush.  Over the years the three corms in 
the pot have multiplied to the point where each time I look at it, I think, I 
really have to divide that.  I suppose, like many things, that will be the death 
knell to something that just goes on doing its thing, blissfully unaware of a 
human's passing thoughts on the process!
Dave Karnstedt
Silverton, Oregon, USA
Mediterranean climate

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