NOVA: the first flower

James Waddick
Wed, 18 Apr 2007 06:17:13 PDT
>And if I were 20 years younger, I'd want to go plant exploring in China
>with you!  Are Paige W. and Jim Waddick still putting on their plant tours
>to China?

Dear All,
	Yes I got to watch the program too and was a bit frustrated 
by the two themes not very well combined - the fossil history of 
angiosperms (flowering plants) and the modern plant exploration in 
China. Each could have been a separate program.

	Yes, I've been at or near all those spots and yes, this is 
not that uncommon to come across amazing batches of road side 'weeds. 
One spot in Yunnan had some 80 sp of Rhodies from ground cover to 
trees.  And although I have sort of come to 'expect' these things 
sometimes there are amazing days - like stopping at a road side  to 
crawl around under 30 ft rhodies to check out iris, primula, 
podophyllum (dysosma), and much more. And a hillside of thousands of 
tree peonies in full bloom. Wow.

	Yes Paige and I are still doing this although we have taken 
this spring off. Paige has been working on a lily centered tour for a 
while.  We'll be doing peonies again next spring, but probably not in 
China although I'd sure rather be in the Sichuan Mtns this spring 
than facing the disastrous freeze damage here in Kansas City.

	Jim S- 20 years younger? - last year we had a participant of 
82 in the group and he did fine. And a few others in their 70s.  Are 
you over 100 yo?

	Best		Jim W.

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