Tigridia pavonia

pollards@adelphia.net pollards@adelphia.net
Sat, 18 Aug 2007 06:23:56 PDT
> Is Tigridia pavonia heat-sensitive? 

> They grew strongly, leaves about 2 feet tall, until we reached the 110 degrees
> F phase of our summers, and suddenly in one day the leaves turned light
> brown.

> There are only a few alive; most, when I tug on the leaves, just come out and appear rotten.

I have no specific experience with Tigridia pavonia, but my understanding is that they are heat-sensitive, especially when combined with humidity.  Here in Yuma, 110F+ is the magic threshold above which even shaded plants shut down, suffer, and even die.  August, with its humidity and extreme heat, is the month during which my gardening experiments slowly (or suddenly) die off, after lingering through July, and I start thinking about what I will replace them with in October.  The main problem this time of year is that it doesn't cool off at night, unlike California.

By the way, Yucca Do Nursery used to sell a Tigridia pavonia geotype from Tamaulipas it billed as heat-tolerant, but hasn't listed it lately.

Shawn Pollard
Yuma, AZ

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