Midwest Lycoris

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Hi everybody,

During the two localized floods that we had here in SE PA in April and May,
of the small stream 50 ft from the garden where I have my lycoris, many of
the bulbs were exposed; some were uprooted from 10 inches down and carried
away. (There were small dead fish in my garden!) I am expecting no blooms
this year from L. squamigera which seems to be ultra-sensitive to
disturbance. Zephyranthes candida that were transplanted by the floods, are
blooming among the thyme, peppers, kohlrabi, and beets, as if nothing
unusual had happened. Sternbergia lutea that bloomed last autumn, seem to
have been buried by the "alluvial deposits" and it will be interesting to
see if they survived. Crinum x powelii and 'Carolina Beauty' that are in the
ground at the lowest corner of the garden took longer than usual to put up
new leaves (they lose everything in winter) and have been sending up almost
no scapes. The rest of my crinums which are planted in large pots sunk in
the garden have been less floriferous than usual too. Since I keep such good
records of my procedures, I can only conclude that it is witchcraft. The
woman next door does have a husband who has a mole above his left eyebrow.


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Dear all;
	A year ago, on Aug 4 06 I wrote :

	"The notes about bloom remind me about our brutal hot dry 
summer. I have three Lycoris in bloom"

	I could practically repeat the entire message  and add to it. 
Our late extreme freezes killed all the still growing Lycoris foliage 
well before it was ready to go dormant*. I was wondering if ANY might 
have the energy to bloom. Although we have had a hot dry summer, it 
isn't nearly last year's drought.

	L. squamigera in shade are bloom nicely if unevenly -some 
stalks done, others just appearing.

	Of species and cvs are extremely spotty- on here, one there 
and very few with multiple stems- L.chinensis, L. longituba, some 
hybrids. I will guess that like last year, when we get a good soaking 
rain we'll have a much better show.

	I'll report good news as it appears.		Best	Jim W.

* As a side note, the same went for my single Ungernia bulb, The 
foliage is even more succulent and it melted in April freezes. I was 
hoping that it might bloom this year.. waiting.
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