Rigidella and Tigridia

Robert Hamilton roberth6@mac.com
Sat, 25 Aug 2007 18:43:13 PDT
Hi Mary Sue,

>  Any advice from Dennis or Rob (translated from Tasmania in the  
> southern hemisphere)?

I grow  Rigidella orthana in a  pot and in the garden  where it   
receives all of our fairly even year round  27 inches of  rain. Those  
in the pot are  most likely  wetter during their winter dormancy   
than during their  summer growth period , when they  require  
supplementary water. For  me  it  is a  "no  special attention"  bulb.

To be absolutely sure  before replying to your posting , today  I  
repotted  them  and  found  my original 2 seedling bulbs  from a  
late  90's  sowing, now have increased to  seven.

It might  also be  of interest  to others  that  some Rhodophiala  
andicola  seeds  sown in July 2006  have started to germinate in  
August  2007.

I also  find that Rhodophiala rhodolirion from a  summer rainfall   
climate   wants  to  grow during our winter , with seedlings  sown  
in  February  2004  now  showing a recurrent growth  
pattern ,returning in  late autumn.



Temperate Marine Climate
Zone  9  equivalent

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