Allium traubii

John T Lonsdale
Mon, 27 Aug 2007 11:17:27 PDT
Mark wrote "Also, in memoriam, yesterday I dumped out a potted allium,
unfortunately no longer with signs of life, once containing the Mexican A.
traubii.  It was a beautiful white and lavender late fall bloomer that I
usually took inside to see the blooms, as the flowers surely could not
survive the beginning of winter conditions.  I grew the plant since 1999, so
not a bad run with this rarity."

Mark - you gave me a bulb of A. traubii about 4 years ago and I grew it in a
pot for the first 2 years.  It has been outside in my most protected bed
since then and come through two winters unscathed.  I just completely remade
that bed and was pleased to find one good-sized, healthy bulb of A. traubii
- it hasn't increased in number but is bigger.  It went back into the same
bed and now cohabits with the contents of about 300 pots of various
treasures (mainly crocuses, dwarf colchicums, dwarf Juno irises etc.) that
I've raised from seed and enjoyed in pots for the past couple of years.
With a space crunch looming it was time to get them outside.  I've never had
seed on the allium but hopefully it will 'do' again this year - is it likely
to increase vegetatively if it remains happy?



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