Responding privately

Mary Sue Ittner
Mon, 20 Aug 2007 17:19:33 PDT

Most of you know that our group is supposed to be non commercial. We ask 
members of our group to refrain from telling everyone what they are 
selling, but know that some of you are eager to have this information so do 
make exceptions for brief occasional announcements about a catalog being 
available. We ask that all of the communication about this once the 
announcement is made to be done off list. Jane McGary has a wonderful list 
of the excess bulbs she sells from her collection as a number of us have 
discovered. This year when announcing her list was available she forget to 
remind everyone to contact her privately assuming wrongly that everyone 
would know to do that. Since one of our list members complained early on 
about the responses on list, I have refrained from reminding everyone to 
contact her privately. If there is still anyone on this list who wants 
Jane's list of bulbs and it's wonderful to see it even if there may not be 
any still left,  please contact her at and not the 

Mary Sue

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