Tigridia pavonia heat resistance

Dennis Szeszko dszeszko@gmail.com
Tue, 21 Aug 2007 09:37:01 PDT
In my experience, Tigrida pavonia is not used to temperatures over 95
degrees.  The plants originate from temperate forests at roughly 1500-2500
meters above sea level in Mexico.  I think that SOME wild-collected strains
could be more temperature tolerant, but the Dutch varieties that are sold in
stores have been selected to grow in Holland and are not used to high

I have a large clump of Tigrida pavonia growing in a tub from seed that I
collected about three years ago.  These plants are surprisingly quick when
grown from seed and will flower in two years.  There are numerous color
forms that exist and I have photographed at least 4 different color
variations just from what came up in my pots.  A friend of mine has been
selecting offspring for very pale colors and he is getting close to
achieving his goal of a white flower with reddish spots.  I will post the
pics to the Wiki at some point.

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