Joe Shaw
Sun, 05 Aug 2007 11:34:45 PDT
Hi Gang,

I wonder if folks out there grow Crinum x Royal White as depicted in Al 
Sisk's Web site.  I think I have the same plant; it starts blooming in 
mid-summer and throws flowers off and on till frost.  The flowers are 
spice-scented, nicely so and have better than average staying power.  Do 
other folks out there grow this hybrid.

I'm asking because I've run across seemingly identical plants that are 
spring-blooming only.  Does anyone know details about C. x Royal White.  My 
impression is that Crinum x digweedii-like hybrids fall into two distinct 
garden groups:  spring bloomers (only spring), and repeat bloomers (that 
start late).  Overall, there are a number of striped plants that comprise an 
interesting and pretty group of bulbs that seem to represent more than is 
ascribed to C. x digweedii in the strict sense.

LINK:  Crinum x Royal White (Al Sisk's Amaryllid Web site)


Conroe TX
(a very wet summer)

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