Lycoris squamigera

Robt R Pries
Sun, 05 Aug 2007 11:12:10 PDT
Early plants have become coming into bloom for three
weeks already in the Ozark foothills around St Louis
and the main crop of flowers appears at peak.
Strangely I have a clump in a shaded area that shows
no sign of blooming yet. I have found that clumps in
various places in my garden can vary tremendously and
I would not be surprised to still have this clump
appear next month. I have moved all my other Lycoris
to pots and chinensis, radiata, sprengeri and
albiflora are all popping up with blooms. I was
surprized a month ago with a radiata in bloom and
since it usually blooms as late as october/november I
didn't even recognize it at first, thinking it had to
be something different. Since I will be moving to the
triangle area next year I am interested when the bulk
of the radiatas bloom there.

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> Lycoris  squamigera has started to bloom here in
> Maryland. How about
> elsewhere?  
> It has been blooming over a week here in SW Ohio,
> Cincinnati area.
> Bill Lee
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