A valuable reference site for Narcissus

Jay Yourch jyourch@nc.rr.com
Wed, 01 Aug 2007 06:01:35 PDT
Hi Kathy,

Thanks for the reference.  I looked up a few and was able to get the division information.  If I find information I'll move them to their division pages, but there will probably be a few left that aren't named and registered.  I'll also link to the RHS Narcissus register pages from the wiki Narcissus page.



Kathy Andersen wrote:

Jay's inquiry regarding the classification of some of the narcissus pictures
he has added to the Wiki has prompted me to post this most valuable site for
answering classification questions of all registered daffodil hybrids.  The
Royal Horticultural Society, registration authority for the genus Narcissus,
has made registration information available online.  This information can be
searched either by the name of the cultivar or by the name of the
registrant.  http://rhs.org.uk/seedlist/registerpages/…

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