Sinn. aghensis seed

Tue, 07 Aug 2007 11:34:14 PDT
--- Diane Whitehead <> wrote:
> At what point will it need a lot of sun?  I'm not
> sure where I can  
> put it to get that - I had to clear all the moss
> that had covered the  
> soil to see this seedling.

hi diane,

obviously seedlings should not be in full sun, only
mature plants...  did it take almost 2 yrs for you to
get germination?

one trick i have learned from a very good grower of
gesneriads is to frequently transplant the seedling,
which will speed its rate of growth.  

my suggestion is to keep growing this seedling and
then gradually move towards stronger light.  the
recomendation for full sun is for mature plants to

good luck!

tsuh yang

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