Codonopsis unidentified
Wed, 15 Aug 2007 09:40:01 PDT
Last year I posted a query on an unidentified Codonopsis that appeared in my garden (perhaps from ungerminated seed pots dumped out).  See the images here:

It turns out that the plant I'm growing is most likely C. lanceolata.  The best place to start searching for an identity on your unknown Codonopsis is that the excellent website by Paul Kneebone:

My plant of C. lanceolata is going nuts this year, scrambling up 5' into a Rhodie and turning back down again, with tons of buds just starting to expand.  I'll try to get some updated photos this year.

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> From: "Adam Fikso" <>
> Subject: [pbs] ... and Codonopsis unidentified
> A Codonopsis-- unidentified as yet, (possibly tangshen) is in full bloom
> though only about 2 feet high.
> No, it's not a bulb but a tuberous geophyte.  Is anybody else growing any
> Codonopsis?.   Adam in Zone 5a

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