historic bulbs in Georgia USA?

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> We  have had a request from the Gardens Curator at the Atlanta History
>  Center for information about bulbs, either native or introduced, that
>  were grown in the area before 1860.
> If you know of references  or sources, I would be pleased to pass them
> on, or you can write  directly to John Manion
>  jmanion@atlantahistorycenter.com

Sara van Beck in Atlanta might have some of the kinds of information being  
requested. She has made the study of daffodils in the South a significant 
hobby.  In addition, Russell Studebaker, a garden writer in Oklahoma, has done some 
 research on the use of daffodils by Cherokee people in cemeteries.
I can furnish an email address for Sara if anyone wants to contact me  
privately. I might be able to find some contact information for Russell as well.  
This pertains only to daffodils in the South.
Bill Lee

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