Dennis Szeszko dszeszko@gmail.com
Wed, 22 Aug 2007 10:03:16 PDT
Mary Sue:

The true expert with respect to Mexican monocotyledonous geophytes would
probably be Adolfo Espejo Serna.  He has loads of knowledge about these
plants and has described dozens of species.  I'd side with him and keep
Rigidella orthantha in the genus Rigidella instead of lumping it with


> When we first added pictures of Rigidella to the wiki, someone and I'm not
> sure who (Alberto Castillo?) told us that this genus was now considered to
> be in Tigridia. But as I search the web and the sites I check for
> information like Mobot and Kew (and some others) I still find it separated
> as its own genus.
> Kew references this:
> Espejo Serna, A. & L?pez-Ferrari, A.R. (1996). Monocotiled?neas Mexicanas:
> una sinopsis flor?stica 6: 43-59. Mexico City : Consejo Nacional de la
> Flora de Mexico, 1996.
> as accepting Rigidella orthantha
> and this:
> Henrich, J.E. & Goldblatt, P. (1994). Flora Mesoamericana 6: 71-80.
> Universidad Nacional Aut?noma de M?xico, M?xico, D.F.. (as rejecting
> Tigridia orthantha)
> I have a picture to add of another species I saw in bloom in the Mendocino
> Coast Botanical Gardens and am wondering if I need to change the Tigridia
> orthantha note to Rigidella orthantha. Can Dennis or any others who might
> be expert in the current thoughts on the genus give me some direction?
> Thanks.
> Mary Sue

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