Lycoris sanguinea

James Waddick
Mon, 06 Aug 2007 11:04:18 PDT
Dear all;
	There are two or 3 forms of this Japanese species: L. 
sanguinea sanguinea, L. s. kiusiana and L. s koreana (unless you 
consider this L. koreana).
	I have had better growth from L. s. kiusiana. It is usually 
the first by weeks of any Lycoris to bloom in my location, but I have 
had no flowers this year - yet.  It's stature is somewhat like L. 
radiata, but much hardier being hardy up to S. New England.
	The flower is optimistically called 'orange', less kindly 
'pale terracotta' or 'dirty tan'. In Japan they are said to grow 
along streams, very wet and fairly shady. Sort of like L. radiata in 
the wild. Kelly I'd definitely NOT grow it in full sun and I do not 
mulch mine here so you surely don't need to there.

	I only have a few bulbs and they rarely bloom in unison so it 
isn't very showy. I think it would take a LARGE clump to ever be 
showy, but it is interesting.

	This is one of the more available 'rare' Lycoris species.

		Best		Jim W.
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