lycoris sanguinea

Kelly Irvin
Mon, 06 Aug 2007 08:55:31 PDT

This is not a definitive suggestion, but a speculation. My L. sanguinea 
have always been in full sun. I'm not so sure this is good. They are 
much shallower rooted than other Lycoris, having very small foliage, and 
the flower shows "burn" damage by noon of the first day it is open. If I 
had my way about it, I would give it 60% shade all the time, or 
deciduous shade that was fully shaded by 10 AM during the summer. I 
mulch mine here in zone 6.

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Adam Fikso wrote:
> L. sanguinea has come and gone.  I did not recognize it when it came up, not 
> having seen it before.  I don't think anybody grows it here in the Chicago 
> area, except maybe at the botanic garden.  Boyce?.  Not the big trick will 
> be to see if it continues.  It had no mulch last year, so will do exactly 
> the same thing this year.
> The Wiki confirmed my best guess as to its identity.  The color, 
> conformation and shorter anthers nail it down. 
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