12 Christmas-flowering bulbs

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Wed, 26 Dec 2007 13:01:55 PST
Dear All,

To add to this thread, I can report nothing in bloom outside except a
confused Viburnum x carlesii that is putting out some anemic blooms because
it thinks it lives in Tahiti.

Indoors, I have a lovely little white Tulbaghia that never stops blooming.
It came from a BX donation. Also, there are a couple of blooms on Leucojum
roseum. This pretty thing was on my list of most desired bulbs, and Diana
Chapman kindly sent me some. So I am especially glad to have it bloom and
hope that I don't kill it this time. Two cyrtanthus are also beginning to
bloom:  C. breviflorus and C.mackenii, yellow. The others in the C.
mackenii, o'brienii, brachyschyphus group usually start blooming about now

Happy holidays,

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Dear Mr Hoog,
	What excellent medication for improving the view out my 
window: ice, snow and more falling in flakes/drops almost too tiny to 

	The few similar items in my garden will hopefully bloom in a 
few months, but right now we are weeks from signs of spring. I love 
the descriptions of Crocus, Galanthus and Colchicum putting on their 
show now. Not nearly enough of us can grow and appreciate a winter 
garden. Forget visions of sugar plums, give me more early spring 

	Even Jim McK's I unguiculares makes  me jealous. I've got to 
try it here again now that global warming may allow it to bloom 
'somewhere' !
	 Mary Sue's explosion of color sounds positively super.
	Of course Doug's sub-tropical garden is what northerns always 
suspect - bloom of exotics any time and always something.

	It does show the range of flowers and bulbs we grow.

	The only showy item in my cool greenhouse is a pot of 
Tulbaghia simmleri  from the late Dave Karnstedt. We traded my white 
for his typical lavender.  Of course my white form isn't blooming, 
but Dave's has a half dozen stalks and more developing. A sweet 
memory and show of color.

	After a cold and over frozen spring last year, I wish all a 
mild  spring and best gardening ever for the New Year.

		Best	Jim W.
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