Cyrthantus elatus- George lily

Crawford Neil
Tue, 11 Dec 2007 06:23:06 PST
We're planning our February trip to South Africa, and have 
now got home the field guides for Eastern Cape and the Garden route.
One of the nicest pages in the Outeniqua/garden route guide is
for the Cyrthantus elatus, it shows a rare hanging variety. But it also 
mentions in the introduction that the Cyrthantus purpurea (which seems
to be the same plant in the erect variety, but an older name) is quite 
common in the Langkloof. We're pretty confused!
Should we make a detour into the Langkloof to look for it,
or would that be a waste of time, as it's virtually extinct in the wild,
in any form?
Best regards Neil Crawford

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