Haemanthus hybrid

Angelo Porcelli ang.por@alice.it
Tue, 18 Dec 2007 03:20:47 PST
Hi All,

last year I crossed a 'broadleaf' form of Haemanthus albiflos with H. coccineus pollen and got many seeds. They were rather small but germinated easily. Now at a check, most of them have odd reddish stripes under the leaves. I have compared with other pure H.albiflos seedlings and found none of them have marks, so I assume these striped ones are surely hybrids?
Here a photo of them
Here the mother plant, which is rather curious in having unusually wide leaves, now 17cm wide and totaly curled down. Also it flowers in late September, two months before the other albiflos I grow. Another intriguing feature is that this year the plant selfed has produced no seeds.

best wishes
Angelo Porcelli
Apulia - south of Italy

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