Life at the IBS?

John T Lonsdale
Sat, 29 Dec 2007 15:34:32 PST
Before Christmas a friend in Eastern Europe asked me to buy some back issues
of Herbertia for him.  I went to the IBS website and identified the online
'store' and selected the volumes I wanted.  I was kicked into the e-commerce
section of the web site which was flagged because its security certificate
had expired.  The site may not have been compromised but I wasn't willing to
take the risk.  I then found a form to download to order the publications
and thought my luck was in because it listed our near and dear Arnold T as
the man to contact.  Unfortunately Arnold departed that position several
years ago but it seems no-one bothered to update the form!  I was given two
emails to try, one of Alan Meerow, the editor of Herbertia, the other being  In nearly a week, notes to both of these have gone


Does anyone have a better idea as to how I might get these back issues of
Herbertia please?








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