Casablanca Lily Seeds

Kenneth Hixson
Thu, 06 Dec 2007 00:11:31 PST
C.J. Teevan wrote:
> Can someone tell me if seeds collected from Casablanca Lily blooms this past summer and saved in a plastic bag (stored at room temperature) can be planted and grown indoors this winter under lights?
>   Where can I find information on maxing out the germination rate?
>   I am fairly new to this.  Perhaps a Bulb forum is not the ideal group to ask -- who would be better?

	CJ, lilies are bulbs.  There is a lily list on Yahoo, so
it may perhaps be more specialized.

	Casablanca is an oriental hybrid lily, and the seeds
need a warm moist period of 2-3 months (depending on how
warm), followed by a cool period at about 45F for about
2 months.  I normally use pumice and peat, just barely moist,
in the plastic bag, during these periods.  This probably
means the seeds will not form leaves until about April, and
will be too small to plant outside next spring unless protected.

	There are files on germinating seeds of lilies at
the Yahoo lilylist homepage, at



and on the North American Lily Society homepage at

If you need further help, email me directly.


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