Wiki additions

Studio Pozzi Taubert
Fri, 28 Dec 2007 23:29:41 PST
Il giorno 28/dic/07, alle ore 17:29, Mary Sue Ittner ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I'm never sure if I should keep announcing wiki additions since I  
> almost
> never get any feedback to know if anyone does more than delete the  
> post.

Hello Mary,

your work is much appreciated even if you don't get from me a reply  
to your announcements about new
additions, I am too lazy and after reading your mail,  most of the  
times I go to see some pictures directly,
forgetting to write my opinion ( is it necessary? ), many times I  
haven't any experience of the plants you are explaining
but your infos wake up my interest and it happened that I began  
looking for some species just after
reading about them.
Please keep writing, your job has built up a great source  
( informations and pictures ) about these flowers;
difficult to find something similar even on the Web.


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