Ploidy and Fertility

Jim McKenney
Wed, 12 Dec 2007 13:22:19 PST
Great photos, Hans-Werner. Neat colors and amazing textures on those blooms.

It was Jim McKenney, not Tim, who suggested that the taxonomists need to
catch up. Hans-Werner, when you write " But, as we all know, too, is, that
this is not an argument for re-placing these within one genus" you are
speaking for yourself, and perhaps many others, but not all of us. 

All of us don't know that - or at least all of us don't agree with that. Can
you cite a better criterion for demonstrating that plants are very closely
related than the ability to produce viable, fertile offspring? 

Forget what the plants look like: that's very nineteenth century. 


Jim McKenney 

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