Sun, 23 Dec 2007 20:06:33 PST
> > What I find amusing in this discusion is that
> nobody has commented on the 
> > subject header - and also, given the sensitivity
> of spam filters, it has 
> > still got through with such a suggestive title. At
> least its not trying to 
> > sell us viagra.

or Hoodia.  i wonder how many legitimate emails about
Hoodia don't reach their destination...

john, considering your email address is,
yes, you should blush on reading about naked ladies...

is the concept of "cline" similar to a species

my big pet peeve about names is how we overuse certain
names, such as "lily".  we call everything a lily!  i
think even some ginger, in addition to Lillium,
Zantedeschia, Convallaria, etc.  

tsuh yang

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