12 Christmas-flowering bulbs

Mary Sue Ittner msittner@mcn.org
Tue, 25 Dec 2007 19:10:12 PST

Frost on the roof this morning and today was clear and cool. I surveyed the 
garden to see which bulbs were in bloom. Here's my report. There are a lot 
of Cyclamen coum pots with different leaves and flowers in bloom and at 
least one in the ground. Narcissus cantabricus has been in bloom for months 
and some were still blooming today. Narcissus romieuxii has been in bloom 
for about a week and one Narcissus fernandesii which is obviously confused. 
I still have Oxalis in bloom or mostly in bloom since it was a little cool 
for them to open fully: Oxalis purpurea, O. versicolor, several forms of O. 
luteola, O. glabra, O. convexula, the first O. obtusa, and O. namaquana, a 
lovely mass of bright yellow. Lachenalia viridiflora, bulbifera, and 
aloides v. quadricolor are blooming in the ground, in pots in my open on 
the sides shelter, and in raised beds. At least one group of Moraea 
polystachya is still in bloom and Hesperantha latifolia. I have two 
Romuleas blooming, a bulbocodium and R. discifera which is blooming for the 
first year for me. I cheated a little on it as I brought it into the house 
where it was warmer so it would open and was rewarded when we returned from 
a long walk to see the bright yellow flowers glowing. Massonia jasminiflora 
is blooming and Massonia depressa is blooming again this year. The leaves 
are even bigger this year so it looks like it  next year I need to plant 
one to a pot. I've had various Polyxenas blooming (I'm still calling them 
this instead of Lachenalia) and there was a Polyxena ensifolia still in 
bloom today. There is a Delphinium that seeded itself in a Cyclamen pot 
that looks like a hybrid between D. nudicaule and D. luteum in bloom as 
well. In the greenhouse Cyrthathus mackenii is blooming (white, pink, light 
coral):  Haemanthus deformis and H. paucifolius are still giving me 
pleasure, and a very large Canarina canariensis with its orange bells. 
Brunsvigia grandiflora is in the last stages outside,  but everyone who has 
visited my house this holiday season has admired it. Like Jim McKenney I 
love Iris unguicularis, a gift from my friend Jana Ulmer. Mine is a lovely 
blue and for weeks it has been sending up flowers. Some days there have 
been quite a few.

Happy Holidays everyone.

Mary Sue

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