DIfference between lycoris and amaryllis belladonna.

Adam Fikso adam14113@ameritech.net
Tue, 18 Dec 2007 18:50:53 PST
Hello.  All of what's been said here is true, but I'd like to point out that 
the flowers are quite  different, even though they are similar. A. 
belladonna is often shown as what you're going to get in a garden catalog 
listing L. squamigera. and vs. vsa.  Flowers of A. belladonna are radially 
symmetrical. Flowers of L. squamigera are less so and have their petals 
arranged so that the bottom outline of the flower appears to be flat across; 
the six petals are arranged so that they are almost like a pentagonal 
5-petalled flower, with a base wider between the two bottom petals than 
between any of the otherss.    Not so, for the A. belladonna.   Flower 
substance is greater and thicker in A. belladonna than  in L. squamigera 
which is thinner  and  sometimes with a  lavender tint.  Bulb sizes can get 
quite  large  in both--up to about 5" in diameter.
Cheers, from Glenview IL  USDA where there's about 5" of snow on the groune 
scheduled to melt tomorrow. . 

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