Question about Naked Ladies

Marguerite English
Thu, 20 Dec 2007 15:20:11 PST
    Wow!  That was a great rant!  Happens I agree with most of it.  
However....  I like to collect the common names for plants I like.  It 
adds to my interest in them to speculate how they gather them. 
   Also, this forum is a place to use scientific names and everyone who 
comes here probably knows how to use them.  Not every place I go is 
that.  My gardening club is made up of other LOL's who could care less 
as long as the plant grows where we live.   They would stop inviting me 
to the garden club parties if  I only chatted in Latin nomenclature. 
   So don't look at the web page I just issued for them, 'cause all the 
Latin names are on the back page.  But if you'd like to know a little 
about my town, do check it out.   I still have a list of plants to add 
to the plant list, but I put the choices for which I have photos out 
there first.   It isn't about geophytes, but about garden plants that 
are grown or recommended by club members.   Marguerite, about half 
finished with wrote:
> On 14 Dec 07, at 16:12, Marguerite English wrote:
>> ...I hadn't noticed the name hurricane lilies before, thanks for
>> sharing it. 
> I'm going to be one of those plant name snots and disagree. All the 
> plants we grow have perfectly good names assigned by our friends 

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