Off topic - Southwest Washington flood

Laura & Dave
Fri, 07 Dec 2007 12:54:14 PST
Hi folks

We live just a few miles north of the incredible area of flood and wind 
damage that occurred the first of this week.  The coastal areas had 100 
mph winds (not just gusts), and the whole area had 4-6 inches of rain in 
~36 hours.  The floods at least equal the worst on record, and because 
of the rapid rise of water (5 feet in 2 1/2 hours at one location), the 
damage is severe.  The farms and dairy farms have been hard hit, and 
have immediate problems with wet bedding, wet feed and animal disposal.  
Our one north/south interstate was closed for 3 days, and has only one 
lane open in each direction, for large trucks only.  If you know people 
in the area, especially if they live (lived) near the scenic rivers, you 
might want to check on them.  However, many areas still have no phones 
or power.  The response has been good,  from days of helicopters 
rescuing stranded residents, to supplies being collected and distributed 
where needed. 

Dave Brastow, Tumwater, Washington, 7A (lucky this time!)

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