Ploidy and Fertility

Hans-Werner Hammen
Wed, 12 Dec 2007 12:58:22 PST
I crossed H.aulicum v.robustum with H.papilio (the common evergreen clone which is traded at least in Europe)
I obtained several amazingly differently looking siblings.
Among these was one which produced a seed pod with obviously viable seeds within - after uncontrolled pollination (in fact I did not pollinate because I had been unfortunate so far) 
However, I did not use these seeds because I had no place left.

H.aulicum v.robustum……
H.aulicum v.robustum x H.papilio……
Best and outstanding specimen of that grex was…

Then I want to remind that H x johnsonii which is primary species hybrid as we all know, is amazingly self-fertile.
However, a closer inspection of the numerous seeds per pod reveals that the majority is not viable.


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>Has anyone made crosses with Hippeastrum species and found the offspring to be fertile? Please tell us about it!
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