Blooming now... was N...Ldies.

Marguerite English
Fri, 21 Dec 2007 15:30:12 PST
And it has gone in a fascinating direction, as always in the forum.    
My long-term choice is to buy one of each possibility for this spring 
and check them out more thoroughly than I have in the past...

One of my favorite blues is now showing off in the plant room.  Morea 
polystacha has one of the best blue colors there is!  Each blossom 
doesn't last long, but there has been a new one each day for several 
days now.  I have been trying to feed my winter-blooming bulbs better, 
and it does seem to make a difference.  Also some red cyclamen (I don't 
know the species, and hesitate to call them Florist Cyclamen (g)) just 
in time for Christmas. 

   Also blooming although not geophytes:  Streptocarpus in a hanging 
pot, a few orchids, and the camellias.   I keep  reading that camellias 
are hardy  outside here, but I get nasty Santa Ana winds just as they 
start blooming, so  they are much better inside.

J.E. Shields wrote:
> This all started with a perfectly legitimate and innocent question from 
> Marguerite, about what the real name for some "Naked Ladies" that grow in 
> her town might be.

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