CITES II and Galanthus

Judy Glattstein
Sat, 22 Dec 2007 05:55:04 PST
A decade or two ago I was lecturing / visiting in England. A friend 
there offered me some Galanthus cultivars. Since Galanthus is on CITES 
Appendix II, I telephoned John Arcery at the Kennedy Airport APHIS 
inspection station to explain the situation. I suggested that my friend 
and I would go to a notary in said friend's town and testify to the fact 
that these were A) cultivars and B) propagated, not wild collected 
(though how one could wild-collect cultivars in the first place . . .) 
After all, I already had a general import permit that included 
Amaryllidaceae (I'd gone for plant families when applying for the 
permit, why be niggardly and restrict to genus, let alone a specific 

Not possible, said John. I would need government level export and import 

What would happen if I brought them in without said documentation on 
both sides?

I was sternly informed that the bulbs would be confiscated and sent to 
the nearest approved educational institution. Which, in this instance, 
would be the New York Botanical Garden. Where I was then and am now an 
instructor. I thought about this for a bit, but decided that was getting 

Galanthus bulbs do look very much like those of Narcissus bulbocodium . . .

Judy in New Jersey, where gray skies and patchy iced-over snow look 
gloomy rather than festive

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