insufficient response to new wiki pictures

Debbie TT
Fri, 28 Dec 2007 17:02:32 PST
I too am one that looks sometimes after an announcement and always enjoy 
them. I will try to speak up more often, I tend to be a lurker on the list. 
My bad!
Thank you for adding to the wiki, it is appreciated.

Debbie TT

> Mary Sue.  I really enjoy all the new additions.  I'm not likely to be 
> able
> to grow ANY of them bnu what you are doing is not just for members of this
> small group, but for anybody who goes searching for a name on the Internet
> and needs picture  to put with it.  The wiki is the sole reference for 
> many
> of us.  Keep it up.  If you need a hug let us know.  Someone  will be 
> there
> for you.    Regards, Adam

Debbie TT
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