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Thu, 20 Dec 2007 19:50:25 PST
Calla was at one time the legitimate botanical name of what we now call 

Hi Gang,

Z. aethiopica has had three other names that I can find:  Calla aethiopica, 
Richardia aetiopica, and Colocasia aethiopica.  No doubt the latter name was 
coined with a very broad concept of the geneus Colocasia in mind.

Jim M. hit the nail on the head when he pointed out that "legitimate" 
botanical names can change.    I think all four names (above) were validly 
published, in the sense that "valid" names are those published according to 
the rules of the ICBN.

LINK:  Botanical Nomenlature, Valid Names (Wikipedia)

The nice thing about names becoming standardized (i.e., legitimate) is that 
such case usually means a clear understanding of a genus has developed.  It 
is when we don't quite underrstand all the biology that Nature is tossing at 
us that names can keep changing.  Smart folks (such as members of this email 
list) help by growing and studying plants, and by reporting on them.


Conroe TX
Cool tonight, the last Crinum americanum scape of the season was taken out 
by a frost a few days ago.

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